Address to the 21st IMCWP

October 18, 2020 11:39 am
Address to the 21st IMCWP

“100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist International

The Fight for Peace and Socialism Continues!”

Comrade Chair,

Distinguished participants!

Yes, the fight for peace and socialism continues and will be continued. Because, we are not tired, people are not exhausted. A century has been passed and Communist International, founded by Lenin is not in existence. But, we have our determined aims, programs, and dreams. Even standing up after one hundred years, we should say and proclaim that socialism is still relevant and will be relevant until the walls of inequality, disparity, exploitation, suppression, injustice, atrocity, racialism, and gender discrimination are demolished. Wherever we are, we should keep on fighting against these anomalies. We are following the same in the land of the world apex, Mount Everest, and the symbol of peace Buddha.

The Nepali people have mandated us in the federal parliament with almost 2/3rd majority in the multiparty election and more than this in provincial and local bodies. And now, we are wholeheartedly working to abolish all the residue of feudalism, intensely fighting against the perverted aspects of capitalism and moving ahead to build socialism- oriented society.

As the forms of exploitation are changed, so the type of resistance is unavoidable to modify. Sometimes, the path of armed struggle was only the option for us because democratic rights were banded, and which compelled us to adopt tactics of armed struggle in order to achieve our goals. We realized that the contextual change should be internalized and peacefully involve in the transformational work which people can really experience. We stood at the forefront in every field of struggles against the monarchial system and for the establishment of democracy. So the people trusted upon us.

During 1990 when the Soviet model of socialism collapsed and socialism in East Europe was facing serious setbacks, we kept aloft our hope and trust in socialism. We strongly uphold the shining red flag with sickle and hammer; sincerely realized the relevancy of Marxism-Leninism and endeavored to thrust People’s Multiparty Democracy propounded by our leader Late Madan Bhandari in the heart of people. In consequence, we formed the government through election; gave a drive to minimum social reformative and transformative work, and established ourselves as a reliable democratic, revolutionary and rational socialist force.

Alike to other parts of the globe, the communist movement of Nepal also had two streams. Nepal has experienced protracted transition, instability and had gone under serious armed revolt. As soon as the then CPN (Maoist) came to peace process after 10 years, a tactical unity among the left, communist and democratic forces was garnered that caused to end a 240 years old monarchical system ultimately establishing the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. Today, we the communists of the two largest parties having the tenet of peaceful people’s movement and armed struggle have been unified and formed a strong communist party with indomitable dedication so as to give drivers the nation towards socialism.

We cannot find Marx, Lenin, and Mao today. Every age blends leaders and thoughts in accordance with its need. Though Communist International could not properly run and dissolved after the death of Lenin, the norms posited then are equally vital, indispensable, and relevant even today. Only the emotional attachment and honor towards Communist International does not portend any substantial meaning. It entirely depends upon what extent the thought is creatively used in one’s own country.

Socialism is neither distribution of poverty nor a beautiful arrangement of phraseology. It is the superlative achievement gained on earth by human beings. In the stage of civilization where all the forms of exploitations and suppressions come to an end and humans, in reality, can stand up in full-fledged freedom. The human being can consider overall living beings when one emancipates from individual gluttony, the voracity of property, and discriminative behaviors. The entire people rally on the social structure based on equal footage of production and distribution then only socialism exists. Only a single remedy in order to fulfill the gap amplifying between the haves and have-not is socialism. Our objective is to establish sustainable peace in society through socialism. The peace that we want is not like a graveyard silence, it is neither a gun-butt rule over the empty stomachs.

There is a vast difference between 1919 and today, a gap of one century matters. This difference is distinctive in terms of international power balance. Hundred years may not mean a very long time in connection to social evolution but enough in relation to political development. When we comprehensively assess, internalize and experience the changes that have taken place around us during this period, then only we can determine our revolutionary being.

We believe in the creative use of Marxism-Leninism. Thus learning lessons from the world communist movement and own history, Nepal Communist Party has endorsed People’s Democracy based on people’s supremacy, multiparty competition, periodic elections, separation of power, freedom of expression, equitable economic policy, pluralistic open society, and social justice. On the guiding principle of Marxism-Leninism, NCP has determined socialism as its strategic goal. It aims at socio-economic, socio-cultural, and socio-political transformation through constitutional, peaceful, and democratic ways. Our role is to activate, rejuvenate and revitalize all the institutions for fast economic growth ending all the forms of capitalist exploitations, persecutions, and external interventions including the existing remnant of feudalism in the social, political, and cultural sectors. And, further, it aims to lay the foundation for ‘Prosperous Nepal: Happy Nepali’ on the ground of an independent economy. We have adopted democratic centralism as an organizational principle.

I would earnestly like to remind you again about the prelude of the Nepal Communist Party after its unification that I had the honor to put forth in the 20th IMCWP in Greece last year.

We, the communist and workers parties of the world have been assembling in some venues for the last 21 years. I firmly believe that such gathering remains obviously beneficial in order to promote internationalism, share experiences amongst and organize discourse in the contemporary issues, and to understand each other and this opportunity may inspire us to maintain a firm stand for the noble cause of making world peace and building socialism. This will be a real tribute to our great leaders like Lenin, who initiated the Communist International among the communists of the world.

On behalf of the Nepal Communist Party and on my own, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) and Communist Party of Greece (KKE) for organizing the meeting &cordial invitation to this wonderful Izmir city, Turkey. And further, I should not forget to express my gratitude to the organizers for warm hospitality, fraternal amenity, and kind cooperation. Last but not the least, I again would earnestly seek the privilege to extend my hearty thanks to all the leaders from different parts of the globe for your kind attention to the perception of the Nepal Communist Party.

Long live Marxism- Leninism!

Long Live Socialism!

Thank you all!

Speech Delivered by Bishnu Rijal, Deputy Chief of Department of Foreign Affairs & Central Committee Member of Nepal Communist Party (NCP) at 21st International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties (IMCWP)

October 18-20, 2019, Izmir, Turkey