About Me

I was born on Shrawan 31st, 2036 B.S. in Dangargaon, Ward No. 5, Bhairavi (formerly Bhairikalikathum Village Panchayat) of Dailekh District. Losing the love of my father, Dhananjaya Rijal in just the third year of my life (2039 B.S.), my mother, Dillisara Rijal did not let that loss hinder my upbringing. But, then she too left on Shrawan 4th, 2074,  leaving me with the darkest period of my life.

Although my formal education began from learning the alphabet at the under-construction building of Budhana School, my brother Ganesh Prasad Rijal had started my Kakhara and ABCD’s long before then. Due to this, my education was deemed bright right from the beginning. Completing 5th standard from Nerapravi, Balekada to Completing Secondary Education of SLC from Himalaya Secondary School, Dadamadi, I had always secured my first position.

After passing SLC, I got enrolled to study Biology at Mahendra Campus at Nepalgunj with the initial ambition of becoming a doctor. However, reading the newspapers brought by his brother at home, listening to the radio at his sister’s house, participating in programs and district-level debates with interest, and the valuable experience that came along with it, did not allow me to move away from politics. I graduated in English from Ratna Rajya Campus in Kathmandu and graduated from Kantipur City College in 2067 BS with a Master’s degree in Mass Communication and Journalism. During my time in college, I associated myself as a regular member of the political parties more than being a regular student.

While studying in class six at Himalaya Higher Secondary School, I was elected as the chairperson of the preliminary committee of the students’ organization. In the same year, I was elected as the District Secretary by the district conference of Kandachaur, Dailekh. While studying in Grade 9 in 2053 B.S, the fifth conference of the district council chose me as the District head of Anērāsvaviyu. 

From being a member of the Council to a Joint Secretary, Secretary, and finally, Vice-Chairman of the Akhil’s Bheri Zonal Committee further deepened my journey into politics that kept me going.

I served as a member of the Central Publicity Department of the CPN (UML) for ten years (062-071), as a secretary for three years (072-075), as a member of the National Council for eight years (067-075). After the merge of the (Maoist Center) and the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN), I worked as a member of the Central Committee and Deputy Chief of the Department of Foreign Affairs for about three years(2075, Jestha 3- 2077, Falgun 23).

At present, I am an active member of the Central Committee of the CPN (UML) and work as the Deputy Chief of the Department of Foreign Affairs, and the Co-in charge of Dailekh District.

I participated in the 8th National General Convention of the CPN (UML) held in Butwal in 2065 BS and the Ninth National General Convention held in Kathmandu in 2071 BS as a delegate and participated in the policy and leadership building process of the party.

When Madhav Kumar Nepal, a senior leader of the CPN (UML), became the Prime Minister in 2066 BS, I worked as the Press Advisor to the Prime Minister for 20 months.

I was attracted to journalism because I was interested in reading and writing from an early age. In this context, I have been the editor of ‘Budhabhar’ weekly for eight years (064-072), and I have worked for ten years as the executive editor and editorial board member of the CPN (UML)’s mouthpiece ‘Navayug’.

To date, I have written two books and edited six magazines and eleven books on various topics.

So far, I have visited 20 countries for state and party-related work.